Dei to Dei

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

It has been a big week at Mater Dei with the announcement that Mrs Annette Morey is to be the new Principal of our College, commencing at the start of Term 3 this year. This and background information was communicated to all families and students on Tuesday via SEQTA. This is a wonderful appointment and we look forward to welcoming Mrs Morey back to Mater Dei. 

In terms of whole school activities, this week the Associated and Catholic Colleges ‘E’ Division inter-school swimming carnival was held at Challenge Stadium. Thank you to those students who represented our College on the day, in particular those who trained hard in preparation for this event. Thank you also to our Physical Education staff who prepared the students and who supported them on the day. We were very pleased to have won the Senior Girls shield and the Overall Girls shield. In addition, three of our students were declared age champions for the carnival – more than any other school. I am sure there will be more information on the carnival in due course. It was a big week for sport with the Inter-House Cross Country events being held on Friday. Thank you again to the PE staff and others who were responsible for the organisation and running of these events.

Next Friday we celebrate Foundation Day for Mater Dei College. The day will commence with a whole school Mass and will be followed by a wide variety of activities. It is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our existence as a Catholic school community and to raise funds for Caritas Australia.

The following are members of the College Board and Executive of the Parents & Friends Association for 2017. Thank you to all of these people for their willingness to support our College:

COLLEGE BOARD: Chair: Marie Mayer, Deputy Chair: Marc Barnard, P&F Rep: Roxanne Clarke, Members – Hannah Berlingeri, Damon Cameron, Benjamin Haywood, Troy Hemetsberger, Gareth Spence. Ex-officio members: Fr John Daly – Parish Priest, Kerry Davidson – College Business Manager, John Aldous – Acting Principal.

P&F Executive:  President: Chris Albonico, Vice President: Garry Bayley, Secretary: Nicole Barnard, Treasurer: Lisa Sampson, Board Rep: Roxanne Clarke, Members: Terry Sampson, Joan Speed.

Attached to this newsletter is information regarding the 2017 Residential Address Collection.

In accordance with Section 21 of the Australian Education Regulation 2013, the Australian Government Department of Education and Training (AGDET) will be collecting student addresses for all non-government schools.  The Australian Government Department of Education and Training in conjunction with the Australian Bureau of Statistics collect data to determine the Socio Economic Status (SES) of each school and, ultimately each system. This has a direct impact on the System and the funding arrangements for the College. Student addresses, parent/guardian addresses are vitally important and determine funding implications. Should you have concerns relating to this process please contact the Department of Education and Training in accordance with the 2017 Student Residential Address Collection.

Regards and God Bless,

John Aldous

Acting Principal