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Administration Holiday Hours


Administration Holiday Hours

September/October Holiday Office hours

The College administration will be closed during the first week of school holidays and will reopen during week 2 (1-5 October) from 9.00am to 3.00pm.

Hawks AFL Academy success


Hawks AFL Academy success

 Hawks AFL Academy success

We are very proud of the recent success of the Hawks AFL Academy program. On Sunday 29 July, the Senior Girls football team played in the Moore Division finals, versing John Septimus Roe College at Optus Stadium. The final score was; MDC 2.3.15 to JSR 0.0.0. Emily Bennett’s talent was recognised and she received the ‘best player’ award. This follows the recent success of the MDC Senior Boys team who won the 2018 Jackovich Premiership Cup when they defeated Comet Bay (MDC 3.3.21 to CB 1.4.10). These are fantastic achievements and we look forward to seeing your football careers develop.


25th Anniversary


25th Anniversary

This year marks 25 years since Mater Dei College first opened its doors on February 4, 1993 to 108 students. Since then, a number of significant changes have occurred:

  • In 1993, Archbishop Barry Hickey and Director of Catholic Education, Therese Temby officially blessed and opened the College to 108 students and seven staff, with Mr Bernie Boss as the foundation Principal.
  • In 1994, the School Board was elected by the community for the first time. Stage Two of the building program was completed. Stage Three construction of Science Lab additions and a new Administration Block commenced and the Year 11's hosted exchange students from Edogawa Gakuen Toride High School in Japan for the first time.
  • In 1997, enrolments had climbed to 810 students, with 52 teaching staff and 10 support staff.
  • In 1999, the College was a maximum six stream school with an accredited Vocational Education Course and catered for students with disabilities. Construction commenced on the hall and gymnasium, which we now know as The Bernie Boss Hall, named after the Inaugural Principal.
  • In 2003, vertical homerooms were introduced into the House System and the Board developed a Capital Development Plan to enhance the learning environment for the students.
  • By 2007, alterations to the Salvado Block and extensions to Music and Technical Arts rooms were completed, with construction beginning on extensions to the Yellagonga Building.
  • In 2009, Mater Dei was recognised as a Centre of Excellence in Languages and a dedicated Languages facility was incorporated into the College.
  • In 2010, Year 7 students became part of the Mater Dei Community for the first time, with two new Houses formed. 

Now, in 2018, the campus holds 840 students, 105 staff and a substantial curriculum shift has taken place with the enhancement of already existing programmes and the introduction of several new initiatives.

Although the College has definitively changed in the 25 years since its inception, the spirit of community and good will is something that is still very strong at Mater Dei. It is this spirit that identifies Mater Dei in the community and we look forward to sharing with our families in years to come.

The College will be celebrating this 25th Anniversary milestone event throughout the school year with a special program of events that we look forward to sharing with you.

Annette Morey


Bus Service


Bus Service

Mater Dei College operates two private Bus Services for it's students. Tickets are available from Student Services and must be purchased prior to boarding the Bus. A book of Ten Bus trips may be purchased or a Term Pass, purchased tickets are not transferable to another term.

To download a copy of the Landsdale Bus route, please click HERE.

To download a copy of the Banksia Grove Bus route, please click HERE.

Tickets are available from Student Services and must be purchased prior to boarding the Bus. A book of Ten Bus trips may be purchased or a Term Pass, purchased tickets are not transferable to another term. 

Please see below for both of the bus routes:

Banksia Grove




AFL Academy


AFL Academy


The Australian Rules Football Program at Mater Dei College (MDC) aims to provide talented students with an opportunity to further develop their footballing ability, with an emphasis on skill development and gameplay strategies and tactics.


The application form for the AFL Program can be downloaded here and for more information regarding the Program, please download our flyer  or contact Mr Hendricks or Ms Wheeler:

Mr Luke Hendricks – Head Coach and Football Program Coordinator: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ms Jessica Wheeler – Sports Coordinator: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Enrolment Enquiries


Enrolment Enquiries

To enrol at Mater Dei College you need to complete an Application Form (Expression of Interest) for each child and lodge at the College, the cost of applying is $50. To download an Application Form, please click on the image below.

Once completed please bring it to the administration office, along with the supporting documents. If you have any other enrolment enquiries, please contact our Enrolments Officer on 9405 4777 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Open Afternoon

Come along to our Open Afternoon on Monday 10 September 4.00pm - 5.30pm. Mater Dei College will be open to allow prospective familes to view the facilities and learning area activities. To register your interest in attending please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To download a flyer, please follow the LINK. 


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Mary, MATER DEI, The Mother of God, occupies a unique place in the history of salvation and therefore of the Church.

She has always received particular honour within the Church because of this unique role.

The College has chosen Mary as its patroness in order to continue this tradition and in the confident hope that Mary will guide and help its community in living out the Gospel values of her Son.


Within the motto we have tried to capture something of the essence of the life of Mary. At the same time we wished the motto to encapsulate a message or theme on which our youngsters can base their approach to life.

Mary is the supreme example for the human race of a faith filled response to the Word of God. In effect, by her actions, she accepted the gift of SALVATION on behalf of the human race. It is most likely that she did so in confusion and lack of full understanding. In this context the strength and depth of her FAITH is all the more remarkable. 

Mary's faith continued to develop throughout her life and did so at times in the face of great personal sadness and difficulty. She showed great COURAGE in holding onto and being open to the growth of her faith. Many of us have faith but sometimes lack the courage to fully live it out.

Thus we hope and pray that all within the Mater Dei Community will strive to emulate Mary in the manner in which she responded to God's gift of Faith and in the Courage she displayed in living it out.

We believe that the theme of the Motto is applicable to all our lives in a variety of ways. Mater Dei College believes in the dignity and the nurturing of the individual and seeks to follow, with courage, Mary’s example of faith.


The Graphic Artist who designed the crest explains the ideas behind the design as follows:

"The brief for Mater Dei College was to design a Crest that would present the image of Mary as a model of great strength and faith for young people. The crest was to depict Mary as a human being first and foremost and not some ethereal being above and beyond us. She was and is one of us. She experienced all the joys and tribulations of life as we do.

The crest of Mater Dei must reflect the essence of Mary's religious relevance to the Catholic Church. In addition it must be able to instantly identify a College committed to Christian ideals. The crest must be relevant to the 21st Century and therefore the design must contain an element of timelessness.


Mater Dei Logo

The arch was chosen as the basic format for the crest as this shape has an historical connection with images of Mary in the history of Western Art. This reference to the traditions of church iconography provides a link with the history of the Church.

The crucifix is the essential icon of Christianity and, therefore, its inclusion in the design was deemed essential. However it was important that it did not interfere with the image of Mary. The solution was to combine the arc of Mary's halo with the horizontal line of the cross. A curve is created which gives the image a strong, dynamic quality which should reflect the energy of a secondary College.

The face of Mary is one of the most important aspects of the design. The face in the crest needs to convey not only Mary's faith and courage but also her humanity. The face is in profile and inclined upwards which communicates her relationship with God. The image is intended to be young and beautiful but not overly feminine. There is an ordinariness about the face which conveys her humanity. The simplicity of the silhouette conveys a feeling of gentle strength. It is hoped that this is an image that both male and female students can relate to."


Our vision is to prepare students for life in a global community following, with courage, Mary's example of faith.


As a Catholic College, with Mary as our model in the discipleship of Jesus, our mission is for our students to:

  • Grow in their Christian faith.
  • Develop a sense of compassionate service to others.
  • Learn and mature in the College's safe, inclusive and caring environment.
  • Display high standards of behaviour and courtesy.
  • Strive to achieve their personal best.
  • Be confident, persevering and resilient; and
  • Become active citizens and future leaders who make a positive difference in their community and the world.



Mater Dei College exists to serve its students by helping them to develop into the people who God intends them to be.

We can be most effective in this service by leading our students to understand and believe that they have infinite worth.  This infinite worth, and thus inalienable human dignity, is based on nothing more and nothing less than the fact that they are created by God in His OWN IMAGE. 

We can best lead our students to a belief in an acceptance of this fact by treating them at all times with respect, decency and genuine Christian love and warmth.

If we do this we have a real chance of helping them to experience and believe in God who is Love and Compassion.  If they believe in and experience such a God, they have a real chance of developing into who God means them to be.

If we do not love and reverence those entrusted to us, we will become a major obstacle to their achieving the above and must stand accountable for this.

At Mater Dei College, the Faith, Courage and Compassion of Mary will be our example and guide in all that we do.


​The second pillar of education at Mater Dei College is Community.

Mater Dei College recognises that as a quality education provider, the overall formation of our students is the product of a community of committed people. 

Placing value on Community by cultivating a sense of belonging among our staff, students and parents is key to fulfilling our mandate to nurture the whole individual and cause them to thrive in every sphere of their life.

The College is committed to providing as many opportunities as possible for all members of the Mater Dei Community to collaborate, contribute and celebrate together.


The ideal of service is central to the ethos of Mater Dei College and one of its four pillars.

Jesus provides us with a model of servant leadership and encourages us to seek ways in which we can be of service to others. For students this means growing their awareness of the circumstances faced by their fellow humans and their desire to come to the aid of the less fortunate and the less able.  It also means gaining an understanding of the fundamental human need to care for others and to be cared for by others.

As a community we model service at many levels from the opportunities we provide students and the wider College Community to offer charity and assistance to people in need, to our support of charitable organisations such as LifeLink and Caritas, to our provision of services to meet the needs of our students and others in the College Community.


The Learning Pillar at Mater Dei College supports that part of the College’s programme common to all schools but with a particular slant.  The College endeavours to provide as broad an education as possible for as long as possible in the belief that all students have a gift, a talent or an interest.  The aim is to identify and nurture this and so create a desire for excellence, for success and for life-long learning.