Newsletter 22.02.19


Dear Parents, Guardians, Students and Staff of Mater Dei College,

The College House Swim Carnival held last Friday at Joondalup Arena was a wonderful day filled with House spirit. The new House shirts, in particular the new Siena purple looked fabulous. Well done to the student participants and House Leaders and congratulations to the winning Houses on the day. McCormack House took out first place once again this year and Romero won the Spirit Award. It was lovely to see so many parents and families attend to encourage their children. The introduction of the staff race against the senior students proved very exciting for our spectators. The individual results and presentations will take place at the next full College assembly. Thank you to Mr Ryan Coutts, Mr Troy Wynne, House Advisors and Student House Captains.

Our College Opening Mass held last Thursday 7 February was a wonderful opportunity to welcome new students and staff to the Mater Dei College community. Thanks are extended to Fr John and Mrs Wendy O’Neill and to Mrs Byrom-Carter, the choir and musicians. In keeping with Mater Dei tradition at the Opening Mass we acknowledge a number of Staff who have served our College for 10 and 20 years. Congratulations to the following staff for 10 years of service:

Mr David Green
Mr Gavin Cunningham
Mrs Lea Ivulich
Mrs Kristie Robinson
Mrs Glenys Mullins

The following staff have given 20 years of service to Mater Dei College:

Mr Chris Gray
Mr Rob Norgrove
Mrs Gillian O’Mara
Ms Liz Copeland is on long service leave this term.

The College Year 12 Ball was held on Saturday 16 February at Fraser’s Function Centre, Kings Park. I was very proud of our senior students for their exceptional conduct and good spirit. Thank you to Mr Green for his organisation of the Ball and to the Year 11 students and Mr Clarke for hosting the pre-ball for all families in the Bernie Boss Hall. The pre-ball function at the College is quite unique to Mater Dei and has been a wonderful tradition for more than a decade.

A reminder the College AGM is scheduled for Tuesday 26 February in the Catherine Centre above the Treetop Café. All parents are welcome.

As part of the System Agreement with the Minister for Education, every Catholic school is required to have a Code of Conduct in place. The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to provide minimum standards of conduct in all behaviours and decision making to ensure the safety and wellbeing of students. The Code applies to all within our school community including staff, students, volunteers, parents and guardians as applicable. A copy of the Code of Conduct and Guidelines are available on the SEQTA portal for parents and students. Breaches of the Code must be notified to the Principal.

In the next few weeks we commence the interview process for Year 7 2021. Please contact Mrs Ang Lourens, Enrolment Officer for information.

God Bless

Annette Morey


The heavens declare your glory,
The arch of the sky displays your handiwork.
In your love you have given us the power
to behold the beauty of your world,
robed in all its splendour.
The sun and the stars, the valleys and the hills,
the rivers and the lakes all disclose your presence.
The roaring breakers of the sea tell of your awesome might.
The beasts of the field and the birds of the air speak of your wondrous will.
In your goodness you have made us able to hear the music of the world.
The voices of loved ones reveal to us that you are in our midst.
A divine voice sings through all creation.

Traditional Jewish Prayer


This Month on SchoolTV - School Transitions
Whether starting secondary school for the first time or moving to a higher year level, school transitions can be both exciting and challenging for students. For some, it may also be a very anxious and stressful time. This edition of SchoolTV shares with parents, practical strategies to assist their children during the transition process and reduce stress and anxiety levels. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this edition, and if you have any concerns about your child, please contact the relevant Head of Year, Deputy Principal or School Counsellor.
Click here to access the School Transitions edition:

OLNA Information
The next round of OLNA for students in Years 10, 11 and 12 commences Wednesday 6 March 2019. Student attendance at the following scheduled sessions is essential. Please do not make appointments during these times.

  • Wednesday 6 March - Writing 
  • Thursday 7 March - Reading 
  • Friday 8 March - Numeracy
**All assessments will be held in the upper Benedict building during Period One and may go into Period Two.

Students are required to bring to each session their fully charged Mac Book and a pencil for planning and working out. Further information regarding the OLNA can be accessed via the OLNA Portal for Students and Parents on SEQTA.

A reminder that after school OLNA support sessions are run each week by teachers from the English and Mathematics Departments. These sessions are compulsory for Year 11 and 12 Students. Year 10 students are strongly encouraged to attend.

Literacy Support (Reading and Writing)
Thursdays 3.20pm to 4.20pm in MCC13-18 (Report to English Office)
Other times may be negotiated directly between individual students and their English teacher. For further queries please contact Head of English, Danielle Hodgson: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Numeracy Support
Wednesdays 3.30pm to 4.30pm in MCC7
Other times may be negotiated directly between individual students and their Mathematics teacher.
For further queries please contact Head of Mathematics, Kim Williamson: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For all other OLNA queries please contact Mrs Tamara Boyer, Deputy Principal: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Study Skills Tip for February: Useful Handouts and Planners
A reminder that all parents and students at Mater Dei have access to the study skills website at school and at home. This website provides modules, resources and activities focusing on a range of strategies to improve students’ results, as well as other resources and planning templates to make dealing with schoolwork easer.

In the Things to Print link at the top of the home page there are many useful handouts. One of these resources is Top Tips for Parents. Examples of tips include:

  • Ensure your student has a well-set up and organised space to work in.
  • Get your student to set up a folder for each subject to keep everything together for that subject.
  • Encourage your student to work in half hour blocks without distractions during that time.
  • Oversee your child taking study notes throughout the year rather than just at test and exam times.
The help guides in the Things to Print link are also useful resources. Each 10-page booklet targets specific areas. For example, there is a great one for students starting Year 7 and another for those starting Year 11.

For students, a very useful handout is the term planner. Simply fill in the due dates for the term as you find out about them, and place the term planner somewhere visible at home such as above your desk on a noticeboard. Highlight tests in one colour and assignments in another colour so they stand out clearly. Cross off each day as you go, so you have a clear picture of how the work is spread out over the term and how long until things are due.

Our school’s subscription details are:
User name: formaterdeionly
Password: 122results


2019 Inter-House Swimming Carnival

The 2019 Inter-House Swimming Carnival was a successful event full of superb performances in an electric atmosphere full of colour and cheers. The carnival was held at HBF Arena Joondalup and involved all Year 7-9 Students and nominated students from Years 10-12.

Congratulations to McCormack House who won the Perpetual Shield. This result reflects some outstanding individual performances but more importantly a collective effort from the entire House ensuring their races were filled and students were striving for their personal best. 

Asha MacDonald-Razvi, Year 12 Benedict, demonstrated some individual brilliance breaking two College Records in the 50m Backstroke and 50m Butterfly and falling 1 hundredth of a second short in the 50m freestyle.

Year Group Champions will be presented to the College at a full school assembly later in Term 1.

A special thank-you for the parents who assisted on the day as timekeepers and all parents and family members who attended to support their children.

Overall Scores

  1. McCormack - 967 Points
  2. Romero - 875
  3. Salvado - 854
  4. Benedict - 808
  5. Mercy - 793
  6. Siena - 762

The SPIRIT competition at the Swim Carnival results are as follows.
Six independent reviewers ranked the Houses and results were collated.
Houses were ranked in four categories: 

  • Theme/Decorations
  • Cheering and Support
  • Area Cleanliness
  • Student Behaviour

1st ROMERO 36
2nd SALVADO 43
3rd SIENA 56
6th MERCY 64

Mr Ryan Coutts Head of Physical and Health Education Learning Area

Student Success at the SCSA Awards Ceremony

Congratulations to Alan Pryce for receiving the SCSA VET Exhibition Award for the Automotive, Engineering and Logistics Industry.

A VET exhibition is awarded to the eligible student who has demonstrated the most outstanding performance in an AQF VET Certificate II or higher. The student who is ranked first in the selection process for a VET Certificate of Excellence, may be awarded the VET Exhibition Award in that industry area.

Over Years 10, 11 and 12, Alan completed his AUR20516 Cert II Automotive Servicing Technology (Light Vehicle Servicing Pre-Apprenticeship) and 230 hours of work placement with the Car Factory in Joondalup, the Royal Aero Club in Jandakot, the Perth Transport Authority and the Public Transport Authority Claisebrook Railcar Depot.

During his time at Mater Dei, Alan was very successful at school, academically and in Leadership. He was a Peer Support Leader for the incoming Year 7’s, a member of the Year 12 Student Leadership Team and a Minister of the Eucharist. Alan was also awarded the 2017 and 2018 Student of the Year for VET in his Cert II Automotive through North Metropolitan Tafe, and the Australian Super West Scheme Award for being the top Vocational student at Mater Dei.

This year, Alan has accepted a heavy diesel apprenticeship with Hutton and Northey in Merredin. We congratulate Alan on his commitment and efforts to training and thank all the organisations that made these opportunities available for Alan to excel in his chosen field.

For all enquiries about the VET pathway at Mater Dei please contact Tara Hill, Career and VET Coordinator.

Mater Dei College - Science Department - After School Science Assistance 

Any student who would like some additional help with their Science subjects, please feel free to come along to the sessions indicated below. The teachers listed will make themselves available on their scheduled date from 3:30 – 4:30pm in the library. These sessions are designed for students to ask questions or review concepts, they are not designed for the teacher to prepare additional notes or resources. Please note, priority will be given to upper-school students who require assistance and this schedule may be subject to change. To download the After School Science Assistance schedule please click on the image.

Ms Aoife O’Shea Head of Science


Welcome to the Library for 2019! Everyone is welcome. Opening Hours: 8.00am- 5.00pm Monday to Thursday and 8.00am to 3.30pm on Fridays. Library phone number: 9405 0522. To kick start 2019, we have focused on 2019 Year of Indigenous Languages, Author of the Month David Walliams, Graphic Novels and a Reach for a Book display to get everyone reading! Mrs Janine Boyle Library Coordinator

Certificate III Visual Arts Car Spray Mural Incursion

We are looking forward to seeing what the Yr 12 Certificate III in Visual Arts students will make of these items this week as they tackle painting a whole car in one day.
Check back in the next newsletter for the results!

Art Department

Senior Boys Cricket

The first game of the year, for the Senior Boys Cricket Team, was played at Belridge Senior High School. After winning the toss and electing to bat first, Mater Dei got off to a poor start with openers Elliot Morris and Cameron Demiris both being dismissed early. Jack DeMarte was the stalwart throughout the innings accumulating 40 runs, with support from his brother Isaac. The Team ended up being bowled all out for a score of 80. On a difficult wicket to bat on, the total still didn’t seem like enough to defend. The Mater Dei Cricket Team made a promising start with the ball as Cameron Demiris took 2/9 and Callum Johnson took 3/22. Belridge Cricket Team ended up making Mater Dei’s total with three overs to spare. It wasn’t the start the Mater Dei Cricket Team was hoping for, but is confident it can bounce back in its next game.

Captains, Cameron Demiris and Elliot Morris

Music Tuition

Have you ever thought of studying a musical instrument or singing?

Then have a look at the new Music program for 2019. Tuition is available for the following: Violin, Singing, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Euphonium, Guitar (classical or contemporary), Bass Guitar, Drums and Piano. If you are interested please download the Music brochure on our website and submit to our Director of Music, Mrs Clair Frankish.


Job Spotlight: Solar Technician
Renewable energy is a booming industry and set to continue growing. You would be assembling, installing and maintaining solar panels for residential or commercial projects, in accordance with predetermined plans, building codes, and safety restrictions.
If you would like a hands-on job that also comes with some responsibility, and if you enjoy technical puzzles and working outside (also at heights or in small, confined spaces), then this could be a career for you.
• Assess the job site, identify and resolve any potential hazards
• Create or interpret installation plans
• Determine parts and steps required for installation
• Install, inspect, maintain and repair solar panel systems (including all of their parts)
• Carry out electrical works required
• Carry out electrical testing necessary to install the system, ensure it works
• Fault finding, preparing quotes and fixing systems
• Weatherproofing of solar installation

Skills required:
• Technical skills
• Electrical knowledge and certification
• Customer service
• Attention to detail
• Good work ethic and ability to work alone

CEC (Clean Energy Council) accreditation through trade-based training/apprenticeships combined with Certificate III / IV or a University degree in Renewable Energy Engineering or Energy Studies.
Average salary $72,800 (Source:
Job growth in this area is strong (source:

Medicine or Dentistry Direct Entry to UWA or Curtin University.
Students wanting to apply for Direct Entry to UWA or Curtin university for Medicine or Dentistry need to sit the UCAT.
UWA Direct Entry Only requirements

Curtin Medicine requirements

UCAT Dates 2019
Candidates taking the UCAT in 2019 for entry to universities in Australia and New Zealand in 2020 should download these key dates HERE 

Enrolments for 2021

2020 Scholarships

Applications open on 1 March 2019 and registration closes on 9 April 2019. Mater Dei College offers several scholarships for students of the College in 2020. Scholarships are available for the following areas:

  • Academic Scholarships for Year 7 (2020)
  • Academic Scholarships for Year 10 (2020)
  • Music Scholarships for all year levels
  • Hawks AFL Academy Scholarships Year 7 (2020).
To download a scholarship registration form and for further information please refer to our scholarship page HERE. 
*Please note there will be a $90.00 registration fee on the ACER website for academic scholarship testing.
Any further information can be obtained by contacting our Enrolment Officer on 9405 4777 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Annual School Community Meeting

The Annual General Meeting for the College Board and the P&F Committee will be held on Tuesday 26 February at 7.00pm upstairs in the Catherine Building. This is a great way for parents to contribute to the school community, to support children in their education and to meet other parents. All nomination forms need to be submitted by Friday 22 February to administration or emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

College Board Nomination
To nominate for a position on the College Board please complete a nomination form, found HERE and return to the administration.

P&F Committee Nomination
To become involved in the P&F Committee you can complete a form, found HERE and return this to the administration.

Community Notices


Student Success

Mater Dei College Student Success at the West Australian Athletics State Championships  

This month (15 - 17 February), several of our Mater Dei College students competed in the Athletics WA Coles 2019 State Track and Field Championships held at the WA Athletics Stadium. Congratulations to the following students competing at the event:

  • Emily Bennett, Year 11
  • Natalie Bennett, Year 11
  • Charli Woodward, Year 8
  • Reese Prior, Year 7
  • Rhiannon Clarke, Year 11
  • Lauren Bossert, Year 8.

Outstanding achievements at the championships included a number of 1st place-getters:

  • Emily Bennett - U18 Hammer Throw
  • Charli Woodward - U14 Triple Jump, U14 100m Sprint and U14 200m Sprint
  • Reese Prior - U16 100 Metres (Para), U16 200 Metres (Para) and U16 Long Jump (Para)
  • Rhiannon Clarke - U20 100m Sprint (Para), U20 200m Sprint (Para), U20 400m (Para), U20 Long jump (Para).