Parking safely at school - road rules reminders


As you may be aware the City of Joondalup, as part of its continuing effort to provide a safer environment for school communities, conducts morning and afternoon school parking patrols throughout school terms. 

This includes the use of patrol vehicles, which have been fitted with Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras, that capture digital images of vehicles which are parked contrary to parking requirements near schools. Any infringement notices, issued as part of these LPR patrols, are sent via mail to the registered owner of the vehicle. 

Each term we have reports from several parents regarding the traffic in the car park, drop off and pick up zones. We understand that the pick-up and drop off periods at school can be busy and would like to take this opportunity at the start of term to remind everyone of Drop off and Pick up Zone Etiquette. 

Drop-off and Pick-up areas at MDC: 
• Treetop Avenue (outside of Administration)
** Please note there is the option to turn left or right once you enter the driveway. Turning left may decrease your waiting time and aid in preventing congestion on Treetop Avenue. 
• Pioneer Drive (outside of Student Services) 

Drop off and Pick up Zone Etiquette 
Drop-off and pick-up areas are designated places where you can quickly set down and pick up your children. They create a safe environment for children and keep traffic moving, however, there can often be queues which leads to frustration. 

When using a Drop-off and Pick-up area: 
• Use the area like a quick moving taxi rank, they are not designed to act as a car park. 
• Please monitor traffic movement and continue to move forward in the queue of vehicles leaving a reasonable distance. 
• If inside the school grounds you may get out of your vehicle to quickly help your children get in and out safely. However please do not walk away from your vehicle. 
• If your children are not ready to get straight into your vehicle at pick-up time, please park your vehicle. 
▪ Please do not restrict the flow of traffic and buses. 
▪ Do not get out of your car at the pick-up zone. 

Parking safety tips for drivers
If you choose to park on the roads or streets around school it is important to follow some simple safety rules: 
• Observe the speed limits around the school. 
• Try to leave home early to avoid arriving at the busiest times. 
• Follow the directions of all signs. Do not park in No Standing zones, bus zones or across school entrances. 
• Respect local neighbours and their right to access their driveways. 
• Always single park (double parking causes accidents, frustration and traffic jams). 
• Try parking a few streets away from the school and walking with your children. 

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and assistance.