Mater Dei College Bus Service 2022

Mater Dei College operates two private Bus Services for Mater Dei students. From the beginning of Term 4, 2019 Horizon introduced a tap on/tap off technology which will be implemented for the bus service at Mater Dei. From this date, bus fares must be be paid for through an online ticketing system.

Parents are now required to register online for the bus service and approve for the College to provide Smartrider details to Horizon Bus Service prior to use. Please click on the “How to Guide” which walks you through the sign-up process; as well as adding your child and funds to the account.

The Mater Dei College dedicated bus service is offered as a service to the community to assist students travelling to and from the College on a daily basis. The two routes that are currently offered are the Landsdale Bus Service and Banksia Grove Bus Service. The Terms and Conditions of the bus services are below:
• Please ensure you have signed up to the e-ticketing platform and added credit to your account. Refer to the How to Guide for E-Ticketing and Bus App which is located on the College website.
• Download the bus tracking app to ensure you are aware of any disruption to services.
• It is imperative that your child is at the desired stop no less than 5 minutes prior to the scheduled stop time.
• Any abuse of the privilege of travelling on public transport while associated with the College may result in the privilege being withdrawn. Offending student or students may have to negotiate private travel arrangements in these circumstances.
• Please ensure your account remains in credit. The College will contact parents directly should insufficient funds be available. Frequent insufficient funds may result in students being unable to continue using the service and being required to negotiate private travel arrangements.

To download a copy of the Landsdale Bus route, please click here
To download a copy of the Banksia Grove Bus route, please click here.