The role of the Learning Support Department is to support Mater Dei College’s inclusive education philosophy.

 The Learning Support Department provides students with disabilities, learning disabilities and those with social/emotional difficulties, with the opportunity to achieve their potential in a regular, supportive education environment.

 The Learning Support Department offers support to students who have been identified as being ‘at risk’ and those whose learning needs vary to those of their peers (e.g. ADHD, disabled, medical needs). These students and their teachers are assisted to be better able to meet their personal appropriate learning outcomes (physical, emotional, academic and behavioral) within the school environment.

 Staff in the Learning Support Department work collaboratively with students, parents, teachers, administrators and other relevant professionals in order to develop individualized or modified learning programs.  The program concepts, goals and objectives are presented in a variety of ways to encourage maximum concentration, participation and learning by the students.

 The Staff of The Learning Support Department are available to consult with teaching staff to assess students and to inform staff about any disability, behavioral and learning needs that have been identified.  Relevant in-servicing is also arranged when necessary and links to professional development can be accessed.

 At all times the Learning Support Department will act as an advocate for the students attending.  Positive attitudes and expectations from other members of the school community will be maintained and strengthened during the students’ period of support.