There are several slums in Greater Nairobi such as Maragoni slums with 10,000; the Rueben slums with 100,000; Commercial slums with 12,000; Fuata Nyayo slums with 12,000; Lunga Lunga slums with 40,000; Kingston slums with 10,000; Kisii village with approximately 15,000; and Kayaba slums with 40,000 people. 

Songa Mbele is our adopted Outreach Mission Project. This centre caters for slum children who have special educational needs and disabilities. Songa Mbele has approximately 50 students who have previously received their lessons in sea-containers and tin sheds.  Mater Dei College is sponsoring the development works of Songa, which is working to provide more appropriate services to children with physical and intellectual disabilities, including the building of bricks & mortar classrooms.

Each year a group of students and teachers travel to Kenya to work hands on for Songa Mbele. They also deliver donated goods from the College community that will help resource the Education of these children. 

2016 Kenya Outreach Pilgrimage