Students of Indonesian have the opportunity to participate in a study tour when continuing their language studies in Year 11, with the a tour to various islands of Indonesia. Students spend 10 days travelling around Indonesia engaging in Indonesian cultural activities and visiting schools. It is our hope that in coming years our relationship with this neighbouring region will be strengthened to offer further opportunities for connection.

There are many benefits to be gained from the tour: 

  • Increased fluency
  • Increased motivation
  • A deeper understanding of Indonesian culture

As well as the obvious benefits to be gained from the trip, the trip will be registered as a Personal Development Endorsed Program. The benefits of this are that each participant will receive an extra 5 points towards their High School Graduation.

Students visit a place called Kaliandra where they engage in various cultural activities, including: Batik making; Playing the Gamelan; a cooking class; Wayang Kulit (puppet) making; visiting a school and meeting students; visiting local villages and meeting locals;  visiting Mt Bromo, one of the most beautiful volcanoes in Indonesia.

The tour then continues to  to Pangkalanbun in Kalimantan where students will explore Tanjung Puting National Park and Pesalat, where they visit the oranghutan rehabilitation centres.   

Students then travel to Jogjakarta (in Java) by train. In Jogja they participate in language classes,  school & orphanage visits and cultural immersion programmes.