At Mater Dei College we believe in the nurturing of the whole individual. The College recognises its role is not solely one of curriculum delivery, but an investment in raising quality individuals who are both encouraged and prepared to actively engage every sphere of their life.  The College endeavours to provide as many co-curricular opportunities as possible. By fostering a spirit of involvement, our students will become active members of their community. 

 There are multiple levels of benefit to extra-curricular activities. Extra-curricular involvement during secondary education gives students extra entrance points when enrolling in competitive TAFE courses where places are limited, and are considered almost essential for portfolio entrance in to University. As well as creating a strong sense of belonging within the College community, these activities support ongoing momentum in terms of both Culture and Health. Though not all students pursue careers in these areas, many maintain them as a hobby into their adult life. 

There are a number of key areas at Mater Dei College that provide the platform for student involvement:

Co-curricular Sport

Clubs and Activities

Social Action