The College provides an extensive portfolio of services in order to cater for the spiritual, emotional, moral, intellectual, social and physical needs of the students and to foster the development of all the dimensions of the whole person.

Wellbeing Service and College Counsellor

Mrs Sally Stott is the Wellbeing Service Coordinator at the College.

Mrs Stott is joined by Counsellors, Sharon Thomson, Janine Hanlon and Maddie Guggisberg, whose role includes counselling to students, parents and staff with regards to personal, social, educational and behavioural concerns.  


Our College Chaplain leads the College Community in the Sacrament and Spiritual life of the College. He regularly celebrates Masses for the students and staff. Parents are most welcome to join staff for Masses held in the College Chapel. As the Pastoral aspect is very important in the life of the College, the Chaplain invites students and parents who wish to talk and share in this Mater Dei Christian Community.


This project was funded by the Australian GovernmentDepartment of Education, Employment and Workforce Relations under the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program.


The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent the views of the Australian GovernmentDepartment of Education, Employment and Workforce Relations.

Year Coordinators

At each Year Level a Year Coordinator is appointed. Year Coordinators play a central role in the implementation of College Policy.  In so doing, they operate with the delegated authority of the Principal.  This staff member has responsibility for coordination of all activities within the Year Level, for the overall welfare of students within the Year. Coordinators regularly seek feedback from staff at the Year level to review the study, attitudes, behaviour and academic performances of students, and to follow up these meetings by contacting parents where appropriate.

House Coordinator

The House Coordinator is responsible for the oversight of all aspects of the House Programme within the College and ensures the achievement of its purpose. The Coordinator allocates students and staff to Houses and supports House Advisors, in addition to organising leadership training programmes for the student House leaders. The Coordinator prepares a programme of activities and events for the coming year and has these placed on the annual calendar. The Coordinator oversees all processes related to Merit Certificates and the House points system

House Advisors

The role of the House Advisors is to work with the House Coordinator to implement the objectives of the House System. They promote enthusiasm among students for the programme, and support and develop the student leaders of the House to organise House Feast Days and other House activities. The Advisors communicate regularly and effectively with Homeroom teachers and with the parents of House members to encourage student participation.

Homeroom Teachers

The Homeroom teacher is charged with the responsibility for monitoring an individual student's progress and development. Because of their daily, personal contact with students, Homeroom teachers are the vital link required for the effective communication of College policy and ideals and for the formation of the students.  The teacher has an intimate knowledge of each student in their Homeroom and sees that students are aware of their obligations and rights as  members of the student body.  In cooperation with other teachers and the Year Coordinator, the Homeroom teacher will ensure that parents are kept informed of any continuing and unusual difficulty a student may be experiencing in any aspect of school life.

Special Needs Programme

Teacher Assistants work under the direction of the teacher and the Learning Support Coordinator to assist the teacher to provide for the physical, intellectual, social, religious and emotional development of the student with a disability or specific learning need. The support they provide is designed to facilitate access and inclusion of students with a disability into a mainstream educational setting. Assistance provided can be direct or indirect to individuals, groups or whole class support.  Time allocated depends on the students’ level of self care, mobility, safety and curriculum access needs.  Consideration is given to the learning environment, activity types, class size, as well as student needs.

Coordinator of Intercultural Studies

The purpose of the Aboriginal Liaison is to encourage and facilitate communication between the school and the student's family. The programme is aimed at  improving the educational outcomes for young Aboriginal people. Through the ongoing support of our Liaison and scholarship programme, our students are supported to do well in their studies and are encouraged to celebrate their heritage and culture whilst become positive members of the College community.