This programme is designed to train Year 11 students who then help Year 7 students with their transition to high school. The Peer Support Programme officially commences early in the year with leaders involved with the Year 7's first day at the College. Peer Support Leaders work with a small group of students in their own homeroom.

Student Executive

This leadership body comprises eighteen students from Year 12. Students on this Council chair various committees and meet with the members of the Student Advisory Council. It is led by the Head Girl and Head Boy of the College. The Student Executive is responsible for promoting a strong sense of community within the College, developing and displaying leadership skills, and setting an example to other students in areas such as behaviour, attitude and uniform. Members of the Council liaise between students, staff, administration and the community, represent the College at official functions, and are actively involved in the organisation of College activities.

Student House Leaders

Each House is represented by four students. There is one male and one female leader from both Year 12 and Year 9. The House Leaders assist with the organisation and motivation of the House group, ensuring appropriate levels of involvement of students in all House activities. They provide an example to the school community of desirable behaviour, attitudes and appearance. Leaders assist with communication within the House and provide a contact point for students with concerns. They represent the House to the student Executive and attend regular meetings with the House Coordinator and House Advisors.

Student Advisory Council

Two Student Representatives from Year 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 make up the Student Advisory Council along with the Student Executive Council. This Council is led by the Head Girl and Head Boy.

Peer Tutoring

This programme seeks volunteer students to provide tutoring in a variety of subjects during recesses and before and after school hours. Not only is it beneficial to those being tutored, studies have shown that it consolidates and even extends the knowledge and skills of the tutor.

Peer Anti-Bullying Group

A number of older students are invited to join this group. They make themselves visible, approachable and accessible to all students. Their immediate support and advice often averts any escalation in anti-social behaviour. The group is supported by designated staff.