Spirituality and Faith Formation 

"Christianity is a religion of a God who seeks out human beings, a God who takes the initiative to love them, to redeem them, and to form with God-self a unity in charity." (Segundo Galiliea 1985 ‘Following Jesus’)

In our Catholic tradition and through the structure of reflection days, retreats and liturgies with songs, silences and prayers we endeavor to embody this mystery of call and response.  This process takes three forms: Meditation – thinking about God; Contemplation – resting in God’s presence; Conversation – talking with God.

Year 7 – 11 Reflection Days

Each year group has its own specific reflection day.

Year 7   – ‘Mirroring the Image’: The Holy Family, My Family and the Global Family.

Year 8   – ‘Journey of Discovery’: Tribes, Traditions and Saints.

Year 9   – ‘Unique Beings’: God’s gift to me.

Year 10  – 'Creation Spirituality: The Cosmic Christ'

Year 11  – ‘Building the 8th Pillar: Social Justice.'

Year 12 Retreat – Developing the Self within 

The Year 12 Retreat draws together the different aspects of Christianity by contextualizing all dimensions of life through relationships.  The 4 day retreat gives the students the opportunity to reflect, to further develop their spirituality and celebrate their Catholic identity and faith.  

Christian Service

One of the most basic values to be considered in Christian education is our rootedness in Christ.  Within the context of the whole-person approach, education is a total life experience, which seeks to value and develop the person at every level, this is Mater Dei College’s mission to holistic education. The Service Learning Program will encourage students to see, to reflect, to inquire, to judge and to act wisely, as they become integrated Christian students who profess and live Christ’s values of love and service to all.


The College Service Learning Program comprises of three categories: Action, Spirituality and Curriculum for the student to explore the meaning, practicalities and responses of service ministry that all students will undertake.

Archdiocesan Links

As a Catholic College which operates within the Archdiocese of Perth, both Staff and Students are involved in partnering with local and global projects and initiatives throughout the school year.

These opportunities encourage the College Community to express their faith through action and the service of humanity. For information about these organisations, click here.