The College is ever mindful of its responsibility to care for the individual student's welfare and development. 

At Mater Dei College we have implemented a number of structures and programmes at both Staff and Student level which aim to proactively encourage and nurture each student, in addition to identifying and responding to individual needs. At Mater Dei we have a vertical homeroom structure, echoing the family structure of varying ages within the group. The Homeroom teacher provides the first support system within our care programme. Included in our support system are Year Coordinators, these members of the teaching staff follow the year group from Year 7 to 12, this allows the Coordinator to better know and understand the individual student's needs and circumstances. Each Year group holds Encounter and Activity Days to aid the establishment of strong friendships in the group. The Houses (Benedict, McCormack, Mercy, Romero, Salvado and Siena) have Coordinators and Captains, these individuals assist in developing House activity days that encourage a sense of community, belonging and friendship. The Deputy Principal's role is to oversee the learning, behaviour and care needs of two year groups. Mater Dei currently has two Counsellor's that are available to students and parents to discuss any personal matters.

These are a sample of the network of care that we have available at Mater Dei College: