Year 8 Food Science and Technology: Food for Life

Students will continue to develop their food preparation skills using a variety of kitchen equipment and tools. They will study the importance of nutrition for good health, looking specifically at teenagers in order to make healthy food choices in the future. They will be given the opportunity to research, design and create their own recipe and enhance their interpersonal skills when working with others.

Note: Many recipes prepared in the Home Economics Department contain animal products. If your child is vegan or vegetarian, they are welcome to replace these animal products with substitutes. It is the responsibility of the student to manage and supply the substitute food. The Home Economics Department caters for medically diagnosed allergies, food intolerances and religious customs.

Year 8 Children Family and the Community: Developmental Needs

The Year 8 Childcare course has an emphasis on practical activities, enabling the students to explore the development of children aged up to two years of age. During the course, the students will focus on development, caring for children and their needs and exploring ways to enhance development through nurture and play. The students will look at toy safety and make a number of items for babies. Guest speakers will include mothers with their babies talking about pregnancy and pre-natal care, as well as child development.

Year 8 Textiles: Sewing for Beginners 

In Year 8 Textiles, students will be introduced to the world of sewing and textiles and learn basic hand and machine sewing techniques including sewing seams, hemming, sewing on a button and inserting a zip. They will be introduced to basic embellishment skills such as satin stitching, hand embroidery and the Cricut Cutting Machine that uses SVG files to cut fabrics and iron on transfers to decorate their sewing projects. They will investigate, design and create a variety of textiles projects, with an emphasis on sewing for leisure and enjoyment.