Year 8 Biological Sciences

In Year 8 students will have the opportunity to investigate and learn about cells, the building blocks of all living things. Students will develop their practical skills in microscopy in order to view cells from a variety of species, calculate the field of view at various magnifications and then use this information to estimate the size of the specimen they are viewing. Students will also begin to understand the structural organisation of complex organisms and their need for specialised cells to perform specific functions. Students will then begin to develop an understanding of how different systems work together and rely on each other to ensure the organisms survival.   

Year 8 Chemical Sciences

In Year 8, students will learn about the Kinetic Theory of Matter and how all matter is made up of tiny particles that are in constant motion. The state of matter of substances is determined by the arrangement and motion of the particles of which it is composed. Students will begin to understand the link between the properties of substances and their composition and begin to investigate how chemical reactions enable particles to rearrange themselves in order to create new substances with new properties.

Year 8 Earth & Space Sciences

For the Earth and Space Science units, students will investigate the building blocks of rocks and the similarities and differences between the three major types of rocks. They will be able to describe the processes involved in creating these different types of rocks and how long it can take for them to form. Students will also begin to understand that rock formation and destruction is a dynamic process and be able to identify the conditions required to change one rock type to another.

Year 8 Physics

This unit is designed to allow students to understand the concept of energy and how energy can exist in different forms. Students will have the opportunity to learn the distinction between energy transfer and energy transformation and use this subject specific terminology to describe energy changes in certain systems. Students will be able to use their knowledge and understanding in order to suggest methods to reduce wasted energy and energy loss from systems.