The English Learning Area at Mater Dei College provides a range of courses catering to students’ interests and abilities.  The courses are based on the Australian Curriculum. 

The English courses for Years 7 to 10 reflect a broad coverage of foci and skills, designed to maximise students’ options in the selection of subjects for Years 11 and 12.  Students are given opportunities to develop skills as active readers, writers and speakers of English, and to develop creative and interpretive skills in the area of visual literacy. 

As students' progress towards Year 10 they are expected to develop an ever-increasing awareness of the way language and texts work in various contexts.  Students are encouraged to develop both functional and critical approaches to the reading of texts.  They are also provided with opportunities to express themselves creatively in written and visual texts of their own. Students are counselled at the end of Year 10 to assist them in choosing an English course path for Senior School that best suits their interests, aptitudes and ambitions.

The English Learning Area aims to ensure that Graduates from the College are empowered with control of language, and enabled with critical reading and viewing skills.  Students are expected to engage with their course in a scholarly fashion.  Students are also encouraged to develop an  awareness of the role language plays in addressing issues of social concern, and in promoting “the dignity and the nurturing of the individual”.