In conjunction with the College’s Pastoral Care programme, the Curriculum in Year 8 is designed to expose students to a number of new learning experiences with a variety of subject specialist teachers. The curriculum aims to enhance student learning experiences and assist them in the development of the required skills and knowledge to allow them to flourish as global citizens in the 21st Century.

The College operates on a 30 Period a week Timetable. For the large part periods are 50 minutes in duration with six periods a day.

Students undertake a number of core subjects throughout the year:

Religious Education (3)
English (4)
Humanities (4)
Mathematics (4)
Science (4)
Health and Physical Education (3)
A Second Language (Japanese / Indonesian (2)

Students in Year 8 also undertake an additional six Periods drawn from the Practical and Creative Course Selections. Students choose six courses in Year 8 in line with National Curriculum Requirements. Students study three courses for two periods a week over the duration of a Semester. The Practical and Creative Courses offer a broad selection from the following Learning Areas.

• Performing Arts
• Design Technologies
• Digital Technologies
• Visual Arts

Students seeking to enter the Mater Dei Hawks Football Academy and Mater Dei Basketball must apply through the appropriate College documentation available from the College.

The list below indicates the various courses from which students can choose:

Design Technologies

  • Materials
  • Engineering
  • Food Science & Technology
  • Textiles: Sewing for Life
  • Children Family & Community: The Worldof the Child

 Digitial Technologies

  • Graphics
  • Digital Technology & Coding
  • Film & Photography

Performing Arts

  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Music

Visual Arts

  • Visual Arts
  • Comics & Gaming Design
  • Animation & Special Effects
  • Passion Project

AFL Academy

Mater Dei Basketball