Digital Technology and Coding

Digital Technology and Coding will develop a student’s knowledge, skills and abilities to become creators of the future digital world rather than just users of it. 

In year 7 Students will do tasks which include;  

  • Program and coding Edison Robots using common programming languages and computer science knowledge.
  • Experiment and problem solve solutions where they build their own mini town and program the Edison robots to ‘solve’ problems which the pupils will make themselves.
  • Design quizzes and tasks which will increase their basic computer science technology knowledge.
  • Record and Present their Digital technology ‘journey’ using a variety of software applications.

These, combined with other tasks, will help students develop the vital practical and decision-making skills to produce solutions to current and future, ‘real world problems’ where the source of ideas for these future solutions are limited only by their imagination. 

Prerequisite: Nil

Pathway:  Year 8 Digital Technology and Coding