In Year 7, Dance students build on their understanding of improvising and experimenting with the elements of dance (BEST) and choreographic devices to create dance that communicates an idea. They continue to improve their dance skills, focusing on developing technical competence in relation to body control, accuracy, posture/alignment, strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. They are provided with opportunities to present dance to an audience, developing their performance skills of expression, projection and focus. As they make dance and respond to it, they reflect on the meaning, interpretations and purposes of dance.
Genres studied include elements from Hip-Hop, Contemporary and Jazz.


Drama at Mater Dei is engaging, vibrant and contemporary. Throughout this course, students will learn basic performance skills for being on stage, build confidence and develop and refine group-work strategies in our Drama Studio under the direction of a specialist Drama teacher.
Course requirements: An awesome attitude!
Pathway: This course leads to Year 8 Drama.


The Year 7 Music course aims to give students a ‘no prior knowledge’ introduction to music by

• Introducing students to some of the basic ideas of musical notation -learning to read the notes - (both pitch and rhythm).
• Performing simple tunes on tuned percussion.
• Introducing students to musical instruments used in modern music and ‘classical’ (Western Art) music
• Giving students the opportunity to use this information by learning to play in a ‘rock band’ setting.
• Using computer Music Technology to teach some basic music theory through the program such ‘Musition’.

Pathway: Year 8 Music
Prerequisites: Nil