• Civics and Citizenship
    • Economics and Business
    • Geography
    • History


    Civics and citizenship is the study of the rights and responsibilities Australians have in our society. Students will have opportunities to explore the concepts of democracy and Australia’s Westminster system by examining the key features of Australia’s democratic system, and how it is shaped through the Australian Constitution. The issues of justice, rights and responsibilities are further developed through a focus on Australia’s legal system. The course introduces students to the fundamental  principles underpinning Australia’s political system. These include the value and purpose of the Australian constitution, separation of powers, division of powers between federal, state and local governments, and constitutional change. In addition, students will investigate how Australia’s legal system aims to provide justice to all citizens. The course aims to develop students to operate as open-minded citizens who promote the values of freedom, respect and equality that allow us to live in harmony.

    Unit Focus:  Designing our political and legal system


    Economics is the study of how people choose to use the limited resources on Earth to satisfy their needs and wants. Students will gain an understanding of the economic concept of decision making  regarding the allocation of scarce resources to satisfy unlimited wants. The course content offers an introduction to the operation of the economy through exploring how businesses respond to consumers in the market, characteristics of successful businesses, and how entrepreneurial behaviour contributes to economic success. Students will also investigate the world of work including why individuals work, and the different types of work. The course aims to build the essential skills students will need moving forward as their place in the economic world becomes more prominent, skills which will help them make good decisions and avoid unnecessary risks.

    Unit Focus:  Producing and consuming


    Geography is the study of the world around us. With a focus on water in the world, students can further develop their understanding of the geographical concepts of interconnection, sustainability and change through investigating the nature of this life-giving resource. This includes studying the quantity and variability of Australia’s water supply compared with those of other continents. The threat of water scarcity is examined in terms of its extent, cause and effect, as well as how people can provide solutions to this issue. The concepts of place and space is expanded through the investigation of the liveability of places around in the world, and how it is influenced by environmental, social, economic and cultural factors. Students can apply this understanding to a wide range of places and environments at the full range of scales, from local to global, and in a range of locations.

    Unit Focus: Water in the world

                            Place and liveability



    History is concerned with all aspects of the past and seeks to piece together accurate pictures of what life in days gone by. Students will develop their understanding of key concepts of evidence, continuity and change, perspectives and empathy, within the context of the ancient past. This includes studying the heritage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, and why and where the earliest societies developed. With a focus on Ancient Egypt and archaeological discoveries, students will be able to identify a range of sources and develop an appreciation for the importance of conserving the remains of the ancient past. The course offers an opportunity to study the ancient Egyptian past including its physical features, roles of key groups in society, and significant beliefs and practices. The course aims to provide students with the opportunity to actively investigate how ancient ideas and beliefs influence our modern world.   

    Depth Study 1:  Investigating the ancient past

    Depth Study 2:  Investigating one ancient society – Ancient Egypt