In Year 10, Dance students continue to extend their use of the elements of dance (BEST) and choreographic processes to expand their choreographic intentions in their choreography. They extend their technical dance skills to include style-specific movement skills.

Through performance, students continue to work on confidence, accuracy, clarity of movement and projection. They refine their discussion of the use of the elements of dance, choreographic processes and design concepts in their own dance and the dance of others. They investigate dance and influences of the social, cultural and historical contexts in which it exists.
Genres studied include elements from Contemporary, Jazz and Musical Theatre


The Year 10 Drama course is a rigorous and challenging course that builds on the skills and techniques taught in Year 9 Drama and offers a springboard for preparing students for the ATAR Drama course in Years 11 and 12.
This course extends the voice and movement techniques studied in Year 9 Drama and through the use of improvisation and analysis students are given the opportunity to explore existing play scripts as well as devise their own performances. Students will also extend their knowledge of theatre history, drama practitioners and stagecraft.
Prerequisite: Year 9 Drama C grade or higher or if Year 9 Drama was not studied, entry is upon audition/interview with the Drama Coordinator.
This course leads to: Year 11 ATAR Drama.

Certificate II in Music Industry

Course Description

Studying Music is part of the Creative Arts Industries sector and the Certificate II Music course will provide students with the foundation knowledge and skills that will enhance their employment prospects in the music industry and the wider industry of Creative Arts.

Through the Core units of competency in the program students will contribute to health and safety of others, learn to work effectively with others and develop and apply creative arts industry knowledge. Students will also study an array of elective units which include: performance on their instrument/voice, performance in an ensemble and much more.

This qualification is for students who wish to develop entry-level skills and knowledge to prepare for work in the music industry and to pursue further music education and training at Certificate III level and beyond.

Possible Careers

This course will prepare students for further qualifications from which possible careers could include: Professional Musician, Band member, Songwriter, Composer, Arranger, Copier, Promoter/Sales and Merchandising Personnel, Teacher and Sound or Studio Technician.

Units and electives

Completion of eight units of competence is required in order to be eligible for the award of Certificate II in Music. These include:

  • Three core units of study plus
  • 5 elective units


Students must be enrolled in instrumental/vocal tuition at the College and participate in at least one of the College ensembles.