The Western Australian Curriculum: Mathematics provides students with essential mathematical skills and knowledge in Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability. The syllabus is organised around the interaction of the three content strands with four proficiency strands: Understanding, Fluency, Problem Solving, and Reasoning. These describe how content is explored and developed.

Students in Year 10 Mathematics at Mater Dei College are streamed into 4 Pathways based on their mathematical ability and their final ranking in Year 9 Mathematics.

Pathway 1A: caters for the higher order thinkers, capable of grasping complex content and applying it in abstract ways. Students in this course will be studying the 10 and 10A curriculum in preparation for future studies of Mathematics Specialist and Mathematics Methods.

Pathway 1B: extends students with above average mathematical ability. Students will study the Year 10 curriculum in depth and some of the 10A curriculum in preparation for future studies of Mathematics Methods or Mathematics Applications.

Pathway 2: engages the broader cohort of students looking towards future studies of Mathematics Applications ATAR and Mathematics Essential General. Students will study the content of the Year 10 curriculum.

Pathway 3: caters to the needs of students who can find mathematics challenging at the year level. This pathway identifies key numeracy content from across the Western Australian Curriculum to prepare students for future studies of Mathematics Essential and the broader use of mathematics in life.