What is BYOD?

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) refers to students bringing their own computing device to school.

The Mater Dei College BYOD Program aims to develop student’s abilities by integrating technology seamlessly into the College curriculum.

MDC teachers have developed their classes to utilise technology on a daily basis to promote STEM and deliver class content using innovative teaching methods.

What device can a student bring?

Starting from 2021 all students can bring either a MacOS (MacBook) or Windows based device for use.

To assist families in choosing a device, MDC have created a “Suitable Device Guideline” which provides the minimum requirements (unless otherwise stated) of the device.

Regardless of age, all devices must be kept up to date with the current versions of MacOS or Windows – including security updates and major versions.

Where must families buy a device?

Families can choose to purchase the device from any supplier they prefer. It is recommended that families take a copy of the “Suitable Device Guideline” with them to ensure the supplier is able to meet all the College’s requirements.

To assist families, MDC has partnered with several suppliers to give families access to special educational prices and to help make the purchase of a device easier.

MDC Partners are:


JB HiFi Portal

NB: Prices are only available via this link (not in-store)




Apple Direct (Educational Pricing)


How does it work?

At the start of the new year, families of Year 7 students (and other new students to MDC) will receive an email with the student’s CEWA login details and instructions on how to ‘enrol’ their device into the College system.

Enrolling the device means the College is able to remotely and automatically install all software and configure all settings required for the student to begin using their device on their first day. There is no need for families to visit the school before the start of the school year to have devices setup.

Please ensure that the student’s CEWA login details are memorised or safely stored as the student will require them at different times throughout the school year.

What software is provided?

Every student enrolled at Mater Dei College is entitled to access the full Microsoft Office 365 suite for free using their CEWA login. Students also have free access to Microsoft Defender which is an anti-virus application (for both Windows and MacOS).

Additionally, students who choose certain electives will be given free access to the full suite of Adobe Creative Cloud applications for the term/semester that they have elected.

MDC ICT Policy

All students attending Mater Dei College must adhere to the College’s “Information and Communication Technology Use by Students” which can be found via the MDC website (link here).

Students should make themselves familiar with this policy to ensure they are not at risk of breaching it. Students will need to follow the ICT Policy to keep in line with the College’s Good Standing Policy.

Where do families go for IT support?

The Mater Dei College IT Department is ready to help families with their IT queries or issues. The team can provide support with most software issues and provide guidance for any issues that may be outside of our control, such as physical damage to devices.

To contact the IT helpdesk:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: (08) 9405 0552

The IT Department is open from 8:00am to 4pm during school days

Hints and tips for families

Student Responsibilities

Students must take responsibility for ensuring their devices are fully charged for the start of a school day. They must also ensure all their files are being backed up (see the “Backups” section) to prevent loss of work.


All students must ensure they have backups of their work. With the introduction of cloud file storage, MDC recommends that students use the College provided Microsoft OneDrive account to save their work to. This will ensure that a copy of those files remain on their device as well as in the cloud automatically.

Students can opt to use the more traditional methods of “Time Machine” (for MacOS) or “Backup” (for Windows) to backup to an external hard drive. This is not the recommended method as backups need to be manually run frequently, but it is an option.

Games and other applications on devices

The device that students bring to Mater Dei College is to be used primarily for educational purposes – only the use of approved applications by teaching staff will be allowed whilst on campus. This does not prohibit students from using the device for other purposes at home, however, if anything conflicts with the primary purpose of the device then it will be removed.

Software Updates

It is recommended that students keep their devices up to date with security updates. In the case of a major software version update, the best advice is to wait 2-3 months after a major version has been released. This will ensure any bugs are fixed before you upgrade.

Care and Maintenance

It is recommended that devices are kept in a separate bag from a student’s regular school bag, as we frequently see devices with liquid damage from water bottles. If a separate bag is not feasible, then a liquid resilient sleeve is recommended.

Extended warranties and Insurance

MDC recommends that families pay extra attention to the warranty being provided with the device. In most cases, the purchase of an extended warranty (ideally 3 years) with “Accidental Damage” coverage will be of great value and reassurance.

Families should also review the home contents insurance as it may already cover “Theft and damage” for their child’s device regardless of where it may occur.

Note: A recent law introduced by ASIC prevents the sale of 'add-on insurance' products at the same time a consumer product is purchased - this includes extended warranties with "Accidental Damage" included. A cooling-down period of 3 days needs to lapse before an 'add-on insurance' product can be sold. This recent ruling has meant that Apple has suspended sale of their Applecare+ product outright, whilst other manufacturers are offering various options for families to still purchase extended warranties with 'Accidental Damage' coverage after the required 3 days. Until there is further clarity provided by both ASIC and manufacturers, the best course of action for families is to ensure accidental damage to computers/laptops 'off-premises to your home' is covered under your home contents insurance.

Non-Functional Devices

If a student has a device that is not working, MDC has a small pool of devices that the student may be able to loan for a short-term. Proof that the device is damaged and being repaired will need to be provided to the IT Department before a loan device is made available.

Additional Support

There are numerous support resources available to families:

Cyber Safety:https://esafety.gov.au and https://cyber.gov.au 

Apple: https://support.apple.com/en-au

Apple Families: https://www.apple.com/au/families

AppleCare for Education: Phone 1300 760 237  Pin 2933

Microsoft Family: https://family.microsoft.com 

Parental Controls for your home router: Google search the brand + “parental controls”