General Policy Guidelines

  1. Mater Dei College is committed to the nurturing of the whole person. The education and development of young people and in particular to their full human formation, is the focus of the College. The educational endeavours of Mater Dei College require a commitment on the part of parents, students, staff and Board of Management for the objectives of the College to be maximised and realised for each individual student.
  2. Parents are expected to be supportive of the general aims and policies of the College and to assist, where possible, in the attainment of the educational objectives of these policies.
  3. Parents are expected to participate in those functions organised for the total College community and in those functions specific to the educational programme of their children (eg. Year Meetings/Teacher Nights, Parents and Friends Association, Canteen and Busy Bees).
  4. Students are to support the College programme and to develop an understanding of their particular responsibilities as they progress through the College. In signing the Statement of Support for College Policies the students commit themselves to the College policies and practices, and agree to support the regulations which are made or which may be made, from time to time, for the good management of the College. 

Enrolment Capacity and Priority

i. Year 7 Enrolment

The College as a six stream secondary school will enrol approximately 200 Year 7 students each year.

ii. Enrolments Years 8 – 12

Applications for suitable vacancies are received throughout the year with preference based on need and the order of priority detailed below.

iii. Priority of Enrolment

Applicants need to consider how their qualities, interests and skills will benefit the College. Because of the Catholic and community nature of the College, subject to paragraphs, (a), (b) (c) and (d) priority will be extended to:

  • Siblings of students currently enrolled in the College.
  • Catholic children from Catholic Primary Schools in the Region

- Francis Jordan Catholic Primary School, formerly Currambine Catholic Primary School

- Liwara Catholic Primary School, Greenwood

- Padbury Catholic School, Padbury

- St Andrews Catholic Primary School, Clarkson

- St Anthony’s Primary School, Wanneroo

- St Elizabeth's Catholic Primary School, Hocking

- St Luke’s Primary School, Woodvale

- St John Paul II Catholic Primary School, formerly Banksia Grove Catholic Primary School

- St Simon Peter Catholic Primary, Ocean Reef

- Whitford Catholic Primary School, Craigie

  • Catholic children from other primary schools in the Region
  • Other Catholic children
  • Children of other faiths from Catholic primary schools
  • Children of other faiths from other primary schools
  • Special cases at the discretion of the Principal.

Should the number of applicants in (i) exceed the number that can be accommodated, then precedence within this category will be on a ‘first come’ basis, subject to the provision of (a) and (b). 

Enrolment Procedure 

Application for Enrolment (Expression of Interest)

The Application for Enrolment form needs to be completed and returned to the College for future placements. A registration fee of $50 per student is payable upon application for enrolment. This fee covers administration costs and is non- refundable. Documents required are outlined in the pdf document below.

  • Parents and students meet with Principal in an interview.
  • The policy of the College is that every application will receive an interview.

Interviews for enrolment in Year 7 occur during the year in which the child is in Year 5. Interviews are conducted by early June each year. 

Enrolment Application Forms

Application for Enrolment Editable Application for Enrolment Form

Parish Priest Reference Form or School Reference Form

To learn more about the Fees please, follow this LINK.

To learn more about the Scholarships, please follow this LINK.


Offer of Enrolment.

It is anticipated that the Letters of Offers for current Year 5 students will be finalized by the end of Term 3. Applications can continue to be submitted for places and for other year groups. 


Return of Acceptance of Offer

The Confirmation of Enrolment form needs to then be completed by Parents and returned with a non-refundable and non transferable Deposit of $600. This amount will be deducted from the first Fees Account in the student's final year of schooling if ultimately the student does attend.


If your child is currently in Year 4 then their application needs to be lodged now! Interviews are conducted two years prior to commencement when children are in Year 5.

We strongly encourage families to enrol students early in their primary education to avoid disappointment.


For further enquiries please phone our Enrolments Officer on 9405 4777 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.