10 August 2018


Newsletter 10.08.18


Dear Parents, Guardians, Students and Staff of Mater Dei College,

In the last newsletter, I mentioned Term 3 is very busy for our Performing and Practical Arts Learning Areas. The Archdiocese Orchestral Mass held at the Cathedral last weekend was absolutely beautiful. I was incredibly proud of the four students who performed as part of the orchestra.  Congratulations to Heather, Melissa, Marta and Joshua on their effort and excellence.

The visit to St Luke’s Primary and Padbury Catholic Primary school last week with the College Concert Band and Choir was full of energy.  The students were entertained by our talented students and staff.  My thanks to Director of Music, Mr Basile and Mrs Byron-Carter and the students. The next event for the Concert Band is next week as they perform in the Catholic Performing Arts Festival at Newman College on Thursday 16 August evening. Families are most welcome to attend.

In the past week, the Year 10 students have been presented with an opportunity to be part of an immersion program in Cambodia in July 2019. The program is being coordinated by Mr John Sullivan and Mr Shane Clarke to provide an opportunity for 10 students to give service to others less fortunate and to experience another culture.  They will get an opportunity to experience Cambodian life that tourists do not and to hopefully obtain a global view of society. The immersion to Cambodia is a new initiative for the Mater Dei students.

The Catholic Schools Breakfast was held this week at the Crown Astral Ballroom on Wednesday 8 August.  This year two of our staff were acknowledged for their service to Catholic education.  Congratulations to Mr Darren Raymond and Mr Vince Basile for 30 years’ service to Catholic schools.

Mr Luke Hendricks has also been acknowledged this week for his work in coordinating the AFL Hawks Academy for our College.  On Thursday night Mr Hendricks attended an awards ceremony as he has been nominated for the AFL Schools Ambassadors Award. Congratulations Mr Hendricks.

Our Japanese visitors departed Mater Dei over the weekend, after a couple of weeks immersing in our community.  My sincere thanks to the host families for your generosity in sharing your homes and family life.  Thanks also to Mrs Rosanne Jacobs for coordinating the opportunity.

More information will go out to families in the next week about the 25th Anniversary Fair and Showcase on Saturday 8 September.  Please keep this date clear. The students in the Practical and Creative Arts area have been working hard to ensure their work is ready for Showcase. We welcome all families, friends and community members to our College for an afternoon of stall, activities and an opportunity to view the students’ art and design work.

AnnetteGod Bless

Annette Morey


Prayer Newsletter

Feast of the Assumption of Mary

Wednesday August 16

Holy Mother Mary, 
we all rejoice with you today 
on the feast of your glorious Assumption into heaven. 
Long ago in the Garden of Eden, 
our first parents, Adam and Eve, 
were told that they would have to earn their bread 
in the sweat of their brow 
and that the earth would be cursed, 
bringing forth thorns and thistles. 
Now, after Christ our Redeemer has come, 
and taught us how to make use of the thorns and thistles of this life, 
and turn them into blessings, 
you, like Him, 
have been taken up body and soul into heaven. 
There, with your Divine Son, 
you await our coming, 
and prepare a place for us. 
Mother Mary, 
it is a great comfort to us to realize that your precious body, 
the tabernacle of the infant Christ, 
is now in heaven with Him. 
Your being taken into heaven is also, 
like the resurrection of Christ's body, 
a pledge to us of the resurrection of our own bodies. 
It is wonderful to think that these hands, 
with which we earn our bread now in the sweat of our brow, 
will, because of the merits of Christ, 
one day, with our bodies, 
be glorified forever in heaven. 
O most pure Virgin Mary, 
help us to realize this as we go about our work from day to day. 
Help us to have great respect for these bodies of ours, 
and for those of others because we recognize in them 
the temple of the Holy Spirit, 
and because we look forward to seeing each other, 
body and soul, 
with you and your Son Jesus Christ forever in heaven.


John and Tam Newsletter


Teens, Parties and Alcohol: A Practical Guide to Keeping Them Safe

Paul Dillon has been working in the area of drug and alcohol education for the past 25 years. Each year he travels around Australia speaking to both student and adult audiences to ensure they have access to the most up to date research and best practice in drug education. Last week Mater Dei hosted Paul Dillon who presented this important information to students in Years 10, 11 and 12. Paul pitched each of the three sessions at an age appropriate level and engaged students from beginning to end. Despite some very wild weather, it was also wonderful to see a large cohort of parents attend the information session in the evening. Parents who were unable to attend this information evening can access a range of resources via Paul’s website, Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia: http://darta.net.au/


Lap-a-thon for LifeLink

Next week, the College will be celebrating Wellbeing Week. On Thursday, all students and staff will be participating in a Lap-a-thon for LifeLink on the Ballaruk fundraiser for LifeLink and students are asked to raise some funds for this worthy cause.

The LifeLink organisation was established by the Archdiocese of Perth in 1994 to provide for the ongoing financial and promotional support of agencies established or assisted by the Catholic Church. LifeLink’s agencies deliver professional services and caring support to thousands of people in need throughout Western Australia each year. Last year, LifeLink funded agencies reached out to help over 34,000 Western Australian families & individuals in need. The work of LifeLink is indeed a positive demonstration of Faith in Action.

The LifeLink organisation includes eleven agencies that provide support to individuals and families in need. Please consider sponsoring them, even $1 per agency.

Catholic Outreach

The Shopfront

Samaritan Projects


Emmaus Community

Emmanuel Centre

Daydawn Advocacy Centre

Centrecare Inc


Centacare Employment and Training

Catholic Ministry for People who are Deaf or Hearing Impaired


2018-2019 Student Leadership Team

Next week Year 11 students are asked to nominate for positions on the 2018 - 2019 Student Leadership Team. The term of office for the team commences at the beginning of Term 4. Nomination forms are available on Seqta and are due in to Mr Green on Thursday 16 August. The Student Leadership Team will be actively involved in encouraging a strong Catholic spirit and promoting a sense of community within our College. They will liaise between students, staff and the community and will be actively involved in the organisation of College activities and at times represent the College at official functions.

We look forward to receiving nominations for positions from Year 11 students who are good role models for their peers and who will be willing to develop and display leadership skills.


Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (OLNA)

A reminder that the next round of OLNA is only two and a half weeks away! Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 who are still required to pass one or more OLNA assessment areas should be practising their literacy/numeracy skills using the online subscription which was purchased for them. This package enables students to practise questions from past OLNA tests at home or at school, and provides specific feedback to students including suggested strategies.

As indicated below, after school OLNA support sessions are also held each week by teachers from the English and Mathematics Departments. Compulsory attendance is required for all Year 11 and 12 OLNA students and is strongly recommended for students in Years 10.


Literacy Support (Reading and Writing)

Thursdays 3.20pm to 4.20pm in MCC13-18 (Report to English Office)

Other times may be negotiated directly between individual students and their English teacher. For further queries please contact Head of English, John Crooks: john.crooks@mdc.wa.edu.au


Numeracy Support

Wednesdays 3.30pm to 4.30pm in MCC7

Other times may be negotiated directly between individual students and their Mathematics teacher. For further queries please contact Head of Mathematics, Erin Meckenstock: erin.meckenstock@mdc.wa.edu.au

For all other OLNA queries please contact Mrs Tamara Boyer, Deputy Principal: tamara.boyer@mdc.wa.edu.au


Study Skills Tip for August

Some students are naturally able to find a good balance between all the facets of their life: schoolwork, sports, activities, friends, family, technology and all of the other aspects of life that keep us busy from when we wake to when we sleep. 

Other students struggle to fit their schoolwork in during the evenings and weekend. Some students come home after school and just sort of ‘wait’ until they feel like working.  And what happens is that they never feel like it so they just don’t get started!

Some students start work not long after they get home, but they drag their work out over the whole night doing work in front of the TV, or the computer or their phone. It takes them the whole night, but they hardly get any work done and they don’t feel like they have had a break at all.

A much more effective way to approach home study each evening is to keep your school work and your personal life separate. Don’t do your work in front of the TV, don’t do it while on social network sites or while using messenger apps, instead work in 20-30 minute blocks of time and during this time make the conscious choice to actually remove or turn off things that are going to distract you. As it is only for a short block of time, it is bearable. Train yourself to have breaks from your distractions for the blocks of time when you do schoolwork.

By doing this you will learn to really focus and concentrate on what you are doing for a block of time. You will be amazed at how much work you get done and how productive you are during this time. Then at the end of that half hour period you have a proper break and really enjoy your free time. 

You can find special software for blocking distractions on computers and phones in the Dealing with Distractions unit on www.studyskillshandbook.com.au

Our school’s subscription details to this online study skills website for high school students are –


School username: formaterdeionly

School password: 122results



Message from the Wellbeing Service

Youth Mental Health First Aid

For several years the Wellbeing Service has been offering Youth Mental Health First Aid courses to the parents and adult family members of Mater Dei students. These courses have been well received in the past, and we look forward to running another course this term.

‘Mental Health First Aid is the help offered to a person developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis. The first aid is given until appropriate professional help is received or the crisis resolves.’ (YMHFA Manual, Third Edition.)

The Youth Mental Health First Aid Course is for adults working or living with adolescents (those aged between 12 and 18 years). The course teaches adults how to assist adolescents who are developing a mental health problem or in a mental health crisis. Course participants learn about adolescent development, the signs and symptoms of the common and disabling mental health problems in young people, where and how to get help when a young person is developing a mental illness, what sort of help has been shown by research to be effective, and how to provide first aid in a crisis situation. The YMHFA course is run over 4 consecutive Wednesdays at a cost of $50. Payment can be made through the online shop on the College website.

If you would like further information, please contact me on maddie.guggisberg@mdc.wa.edu.au

To download a flyer please follow the LINK.

Maddie Guggisberg

MDC Wellbeing Service

Wellbeing Expo 2018 Page 1

Timetable of Events Wellbeing Week 2018

Kagoshima Youthwings Exchange


This term, Mater Dei College proudly hosted 8 students from Perth’s sister city of Kagoshima. The visiting students participated in a range of activities in the College including making Lamingtons and meat Pies, Australian Rules Football with the Year 9 girls team and Boomerang making.

In addition to the students, we had two English teachers from Kagoshima who stayed with Mater Dei teachers and went to English school to improve their language skills.

The Mater Dei student hosts accompanied their students to a visit to Perth City Council, Caversham Wildlife Park and the Perth Zoo. Their final night in Perth was spent at the Treetop Café with a buffet of Emu and Buffalo sausages, Kangaroo salad, Crocodile patties and much more. A real treat for the Japanese and Australians alike.  Thank you to Chef Andrew Watson and Monique Chomiak for the amazing feast!!

A big thank you to our host families, who gave their visiting student such a life changing experience. These are the:

  • Acres Family
  • Keyer Family
  • Barnard Family
  • Shaw Family
  • Collopy Family
  • Dickinson Family
  • Bradley Family
  • Pederick Family


Rosanne Jacobs

Head of Learning Area - Languages


Year 9 Science Excursion

20180727 114704On the Friday 27 July, a group of year 9 students made their way to ECU for the day. Unfortunately, it started to rain when we had just begun to walk there. Mr Stuart and Mrs Storch led the way and stayed with us for the day while we learnt about biodiversity and the critically endangered Carnaby Black Cockatoo. We began the day with a lecture, presented by Kingsley Dixon, a Western Australian Botanist. He talked mostly about the rich biodiversity in Western Australia and the unique variety of orchids that grow in our state. He talked about how orchids have learnt to adapt in their environments by living off other organisms, most commonly fungi or shrubs, copying other flowers’ characteristics and tricking surrounding animals to pollinate, such as wasps and ants.

Afterwards, it was time to have recess and get close to Rex, a Carnaby Black Cockatoo that was rescued but will never be able to be released into the wild. Splitting up into our own school groups, we made our way through the campus to go to the Science Block for a more in depth talk about the Black Cockatoo and what nutrition they need to consume every day to keep moving. Turns out, it’s a lot as they need to eat between 100-150 thousand seeds per day! Moving into the next room, we got to look through microscopes at some different plants and discussed why they had certain characteristics. As it was Orientation Day for new students at the university, during our lunch break we got to have a look around at different stalls and cafes, which included snow cones, popcorn, Boost Juice and we had the opportunity to buy food from Café Six.

Going back to the Science Block, we were told about the volunteer program for the cockatoos, run by ECU. We learnt about the efforts put towards the encouragement of the breeding and migration of the Black Cockatoo and about the past success in those areas. Around the campus, there are multiple breeding areas available to them such as ‘Cockatubes’, ‘Cockaboxes’ and natural hollows in trees. Consequentially, due to their timid nature, competition for these breeding hollows are a huge problem as they will always back down against birds such as galahs and parrots. To end the day, we had an Amazing Race that took us around the whole campus. Overall, it was a great educational opportunity and we learnt much about our ecosystem and biodiversity in W.A.

Article contributed by Ashlee Harwood and Taylar Roccheccioli


Human Biology Biotech Incursion

IMG 4445

On Thursday 2 August, the Year 12 Human Biology classes joined together to conduct a Biotech incursion. The incursion consisted of using advanced pipetting skills to create a DNA fingerprint for a number of different species using Gel Electrophoresis. The objective was to determine which species the unknown sample came from. Many different skills are needed for this experiment to be a success and for students considering studying science at university and pursuing a career in this area, they are one step ahead of the game. Thank you to Ms O’Shea for allowing us to have the opportunity to use this technology to expand our knowledge of DNA and in a practical setting.

Article contributed by Emma Pryce and Sharni Cresswell


Biology Zoo Excursion



On Friday 3 August, the Year 12 Biology class took a trip to Perth Zoo. Upon arrival, we were given a worksheet to complete and explore the animals and wildlife of our own volition. The day was a huge success apart from the weather, but that didn’t stop us! Our day consisted of observing reptiles, birds, and mammals from various environments. Thank you to Mrs Storch, for organising this excursion, we had an amazing time and had the opportunity to get a hands-on experience with our chosen subject.

Article contributed by Sharni Cresswell and Emma Pryce

Student Achievement

Soccer Success – Gotha Cup Sweden


Joel Matta (Yr 9) and Jude Gaunlett (Yr 10) recently represented the Sorrento Soccer Club in the Gotha Cup held in Sweden. Gotha Cup is the world’s largest international youth football tournament. Each year around 1700 teams from 80 nations take part, playing 4500 games on 110 fields. The teams and participants from all around the world make the tournament a unique meeting place for the world’s youth, irrespective of religion, skin colour or nationality, with football as the common denominator. The Sorrento U15s NPL team was chosen to take part in the opening ceremony to represent Australia and the flag bearer was Jude Gauntlett. Congratulations Joel and Jude. We are very proud of you!

Mrs Curtis and Mr Clarke

Year 9 and 10 Coordinators


Careers News

Congratulations to the following students who have successfully completed a Short Course for Credit Program at ECU.

  • Ryan Ford - Film and Video (Scriptwriting)
  • Chantelle Lucas - Film and Video (Scriptwriting)
  • Haylee Hobbs - Public Relations (Event Management)
  • Angela Schokman - Public Relations (Event Management)
  • Genevieve Brummage - Fashion

Students developed self-confidence and public speaking skills, team work and group collaboration techniques and produced high quality written and digital works. Importantly, students who pass the requirements of these courses receive advanced standing (credit transfer) for a first/second year unit, once gaining successful admission to an applicable ECU undergraduate course. 


University of Western Australia – Scholarships

University of Western Australia scholarships are provided to undergraduate, postgraduate and international students provided they meet the eligibility requirements and pass the screening. UWA offers a range of scholarships in various disciplines as part of its commitment to attract high achieving students whilst maintaining equity and access.

Find out more - https://www.australianuniversities.com.au/scholarships/list/university-of-western-australia-scholarships.html


Curtin University Scholarships – Western Australia

Scholarship applications for 2019 are now open. See if you’re eligible for a Curtin scholarship.

Find out more - https://futurestudents.curtin.edu.au/


Murdoch University Scholarships

Scholarship applications for 2019 are now open.




Scholarships recognise those whose life journey may have been challenging, as well as students who've shown outstanding academic excellence and endeavour. A scholarship can help you realise your ambitions by paying for fees, text books and living expenses.http://www.ecu.edu.au/scholarships/details/search?query=&sort=metasortenddate&collection=ecu-web-scholarships&form=simple-facet&num_ranks=200&f.Course+level%7Csect=Undergraduate&f.Residency%7Cres=Domestic


Notre Dame

Notre Dame offers a range of scholarship programs for students.



space gold star clipart

McCormack House

Pascal Stuart (Yr 8) has been awarded his Bronze level card.

Mercy House

Rose Blake (Yr 7), 1 merit certificate

Siena House

Ellie Evans (Yr 7), 1 merit certificate




Term 3 - Week 4 – 10

Monday 8.00am - 11.30am

Thursday 12.30pm – 4.00pm

(During school term only)


Term 4 Extended Hours

Monday 8/10/2018 9.00am - 3.00pm

Tuesday 9/10/2018 8.00am - 11.00am School Starts

Wednesday 10/10/2018 Closed

Thursday 11/10/2018 12.30pm - 4.00pm


Please note:

In addition to visiting the Mater Dei College Uniform Shop and placing your uniform order in person, Matrix Uniforms (supplier of Mater Dei College Uniforms) now offers the convenience of online ordering.


In the interest of the online ordering system to run efficiently, could we please ask when placing an order that the student's name be placed in the "Pick Up Name".

By entering the student's name, this will enable both the Uniform Shop and Student Services to track and deliver the orders more efficiently.

Matrix Uniforms Contact: 0435 751 963

Please note this phone is only operated during school uniform shop hours. If we are unavailable, please leave a message and we will call you back.

For urgent queries over the school holidays please email sales@matrixuniforms.com.au

Purchases can now be paid with Cash, Eftpos or Credit card. Student Card will no longer be accepted in the Uniform Shop.


25th Anniversary Showcase Fair 

The 25th Anniversary Showcase Fair promises to be a lively community event. Open from 11am - 3pm the Fair will activities suitable for all ages. To download a flyer click on the image below.

25th Anniversary Fair Web banner


Whitford Catholic Primary School 40th Gala dinner

Whitford Catholic Primary Schools’ 40th Anniversary celebrations, we will be hosting a Gala Dinner event. It is a very special year for our school and community to reach this milestone and still be going strong. This wonderful community event will be held Friday 12 October at Joondalup Resort in their beautiful Lakeside Ballroom, it is a celebration of the current and the past. As such it is open to past pupils, teachers and principals to attend. Bookings can be made by phoning the school on 9401 4224.

WCPS Anniversary Final 01

Term 3 poster 2

Entertainment Book

To order a current Entertainment Book please follow the linked image below.


Want to keep up-to-date with the activities of MDC then like our Facebook page.

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