In order to graduate from high school and achieve the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE), all students are required to demonstrate a minimum standard in literacy and numeracy. The OLNA status of all students in Years 11-12 can be accessed under school reports on SEQTA.

Opportunities to pass the OLNA are offered twice a year, in March and September, for students in Years 10-12. Students will be notified of the specific date, time and venue each assessment will be scheduled closer to the testing period. 

More specific information about the OLNA can be accessed via the following website:

Online Literacy and Numeracy Support

Mater Dei encourages all students who are still required to pass one or more OLNA assessment area to be proactive in their preparation for each round of testing. These students can practise their literacy/numeracy skills using the online subscription to purchased by the College. This package enables students to practise questions from past OLNA tests, and provides users with feedback. Additional support sessions can be arranged directly with students’ English or Mathematics Teachers or Head of English/Mathematics.