2018 Booklist Information

Links to 2018 Booklists for each year group and information for ordering online can be found below. Please place your order no later than Friday 15thDecember 2017.

Year 7 2018 Booklist

Year 8 2018 Booklist

Year 9 2018 Booklist

Year 10 2018 Booklist

Year 11 2018 Booklist

Year 12 2018 Booklist


Mater Dei College has arranged for Campion Education, 7 Oxleigh Drive, MALAGA, to supply all of your textbook and stationery requirements following an agreement whereby the College receives a commission on the sales made, as well as receiving excellent service throughout the year.  Website: www.campion.com.au


New Book Sales

Parents can print the appropriate pdf file above, fill it in and take it to the Malaga store for personal purchase of booklist items.


Online Orders

For online orders, click on link below:


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Please note that orders placed over the Internet CAN NOT be picked up from the College. Orders received prior to 29 December 2015 will be delivered with no delivery fee. To ensure you receive your order before the school year commences, orders via the internet must be received before 29 December 2016.


Digital Resources

An explanation of the permitted devices and the applicable conditions for use of these devices can be found Here.