Catholic Education Commission

The Catholic Education Commission of WA (CECWA) - set up by the Archbishop of Perth and the Major Superiors of Teaching Orders - is responsible for the overall co-ordination and development of Catholic education in WA. The Catholic Education Commission of WA therefore has an overall guiding role which the Board of Management and Principal acknowledge in their exercise of responsibility within the College. All non-government schools are required to be efficient as defined in the Education Act of WA.


School Curriculum and Standards Authority

Mater Dei College is registered with the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) in regard to the implementation of programs and curricula certificated by SCSA. To this extent the College is subject to supervision by the appropriate persons from these organizations.


College Advisory Council

Mater Dei College is administered by a College Advisory Council. Members of the Council work closely with the Principal, sharing responsibility for the financial management of the College. The Board is accountable to the Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia, as well as to all who form part of the Mater Dei Community.

Annually parents and community members have the opportunity to nominate themselves or others for election to the College Advisory Council. 

The general object for which the Council is constituted is to help Mater Dei College fulfil its educational responsibilities in accordance with this Constitution, in accordance with the policies and practices prescribed or recommended by the CECWA, and in accordance with Diocesan guidelines and prescriptions for the religious education program.

The College Advisory Council carry out the following functions in pursuit of its objectives: 

  • Planning for the present and future operation of the School
  • Providing membership on selection panels for the employment of staff to the School in accordance with CECWA policy
  • Providing membership on the panel which recommends the appointment of a Principal in accordance with CECWA policy
  • Disseminating information about the School and about Catholic education to persons and organisations in the School Community
  • Liaising in all matters relating to the financial management of the School with persons and organisations in the local Catholic community
  • Managing all the finances associated with the School
  • Advising the Principal with respect to School Policy


2022 Advisory Council Members

Annette Morey, Principal
Gareth Spence, Chairman
John Laurito, Vice Principal
Kristie Robinson, Acting Business Manager
Damon Cameron, Treasurer
Assumpta Haynes, P&F Representative
Chris Albonico
Roxanne Clarke
Hannah Berlingeri
Peta-Lee Bartlett


Mater Dei College Strategic Plan 2018 - 2022

To download the complete Strategic Plan, please follow this link.


School Income 

Most recent school funding sources and details for Mater Dei College can be found on the My School website